If you own a horse you have a financial investment you should protect.

A Mortality policy is basically life insurance for your horse, with you as the beneficiary. FULL Equine Mortality coverage is provided in most cases of death due to injury, illness, humane destruction, transportation accidents, and it also covers theft or mysterious disappearance.

There are also ADDED BONUSES that come with Full Mortality coverage, including: Automatic Colic Surgery coverage up to $3,000, and Guaranteed Extension Coverage which provides that in the event of an injury or illness occurring and reported during the policy period, full mortality coverage will automatically continue for up to 12 months from the expiration date for that specific condition.

There are endorsements that can be added to this policy, including but not limited to:

Major Medical: This endorsement provides coverage for most medical expenses, including surgery, that are incurred from an accident or illness. Please note: preventative treatment such as worming, coggins, and routine physical exams are not covered. This is available for horses 6 months-15 years old. Annual limits range from $2,500 to $17,500.

Surgical: This endorsement provides coverage for the expense of surgery necessitated by accident, injury or illness. The term surgery refers to medical treatments that require the horse to undergo anesthesia. This coverage is typically for horses above the age of 15 years old, but is available to horses between 2 and 17 years old. Annual limits range from $2,500 to $10,000.

Transit Coverage: This endorsement provides coverage when a horse is traveling out of or into the US. For example, it would be added to a policy for a horse purchased in Europe and shipped to the US for about .5% of the inured value. Please note: Some parts of the world are considered “uninsurable areas”.

Named Perils: This endorsement provides coverage for death as a result of specific named causes, such as fire and lightning. This also includes coverage for theft. This is available for horses over the age of 24 hours old.

Loss of Use This coverage pays the insured up to 60-75% of the insured value if the for the insured discipline, for covered perils purchased.

Private Horse Owner's Protection

If you own horses and do not operate a commercial horse business, the Private Horse Owner liability protects you against legal claims if your horse causes bodily injury or property damage to a third party on or off the premises. If your horse is exposed to people, you need this type of protection.

This protects you if your horse or horses cause any property damage or physical injury or harm to a third party. As a horse owner this is the most important protection you can purchase.