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Equine Mortality and Major Medical Quote Request Form

If you own a horse, then you have a financial investment you should protect. Corinthian has become the agency of choice when it comes to insuring horses, with the best in mortality and major medical coverage. Most horse owners feel insurance is too expensive. Truth is, if you own a horse and could not afford to replace it or pay thousands in vet/hospital bills you should seriously consider insuring your horse(s). A Horse Mortality policy is basically life insurance for your horse with you as the beneficiary. Mortality coverage will provide you with the agreed value to replace your horse if it needs to be humanely destroyed due to accident, injury, illness, disease and/or transportation accidents. Mortality coverage also covers theft or mysterious disappearance.


Major Medical coverage can be added to an equine mortality policy. You must carry Mortality insurance to be able to get the major medical coverage. The major medical coverage is designed to reimburse the insured for first time occurrence major medical expenses for unforeseen/unexpected accidents, injury's, illnesses, or diseases. Please note: preventative treatment such as worming, coggins, and routine physical exams, shoeing, dental work, injections and farm calls are not covered. This coverage is typically available for horses 31 days -15 years old. (Please inquire about coverage now available to older horses) Annual limits range from $7,500 to $15,000.

To qualify for coverage:

  • The horse must be under 16 years of age.

  • The invested value of the horse must be greater then $5,000.

    • (Corinthian does not accept horses valued less then $5,000)​

  • Must be located in a licensed state. 

    • (Corinthian is licensed in the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia.)

If you are not sure if a horse qualifies for coverage, you can call us at 508-533-5103.

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