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How to Report a Claim:

Equine Mortality

*Any time your horse is seen or treated by a vet for anything other than routine or preventive care, it is your contractual responsibility to notify the insurance company immediately.*


Regardless of how small or inexpensive the injury or illness may appear initially, it is very important that you report the event to the insurance company for the following reasons:

  • A minor event may escalate into a serious, or even fatal, condition. If you do not report the initial onset of the injury or illness, your claim could be declined.

  • You will be required to disclose to the insurance company upon renewal if your horse was treated by a veterinarian for anything other than routine or preventative care.

  • Anything your horse is treated for without notifying the insurance company, whether through a covered claim or not, may be considered a pre‐existing condition and excluded. That decision is up to the underwriter and is reviewed on case by case basis.


American Reliable:

Main Number: 1-859-788-5006 - then click on "Claims"

The Hartford:

Main Number: 800-295-1815 

After Hours/Emergency: 800-427-4876


Main Number: 1-866-923-2820 or 1-859-260-2820

R.J. Ketch Equine Inc: 1-800-732-6012

Non-Emergency Claims:



Main Number: 833-734-6365

Emergency: 859-300-8035


Main Number: 800-783-9418

What's Not Covered?

*Please see your policy for specific exclusions*

  • Transportation : Veterinary travel and farm call charges are not covered.

  • Birth Defects : Developmental, growth, nutritional and congenital conditions, including but not limited to: cryptochid, umbilical hernia, corrective treatments for contracted tendons, or club foot.

  • Voluntary Surgery : Including but not limited to: correcting laryngeal hemiplegia, correcting entrapment of epiglottis, neurectomy, castration, caslicks and any cosmetic procedures.

  • Alternative Therapies : Including but not limited to: chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, whirlpool, treadmill, and laser and magnetic therapies. (Varies by company)

  • Dental Services : Unless necessitated by a visible, external, accidental and violent means injury.

  • Farrier Services : Regardless of whether or not medically necessitated.

  • Joint Treatment for Maintenance : Including but not limited to: injections of synovial fluid, simulators or replacers including corticosteroids and anabolic steroids.

  • Radial Shock Wave Therapy : Broad spectrum is typically covered.

  • Post Mortem or Necropsy Procedures : Which are almost always required when a horse dies or is euthanized.

Treatment rendered more than 90‐120 days prior to notifying the company of the condition.

(The time frame varies depending on your insurance company)

Property Loss Procedures


  • Prevent further loss or damage if possible

  • Report the loss to Corinthian and your carrier

  • Contact a contractor for an estimate of repairs

  • Contact a vendor for clean up in case of fire or water damage (if applicable)

  • Make an inventory of lost or damaged items


  • Make permanent repairs until the claims adjuster has inspected the damage

  • Wait to report a claim

  • Neglect a police report if needed

American Reliable:

Phone: 1-800-245-1505


Acadia Insurance: 

During Business Hours Phone: 1-888-325-0056

After Hours Phone: 1-800-691-4966 


ACE/CHUBB Agribusiness: 

Phone: 1-800-252-5022

Fax: 1-800-334-4009


AIG- Private Client Group:

Phone: 800-931-9546


AEIG/Diamond State: 

Phone: 1-800-783-9418

Fax: 502-875-3281




Phone: 1-888-223-3649

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