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The History of Corinthian Insurance

Having grown up on a traditional New England farm that raised veggies and livestock, including goats, cows, pigs, and hens, Joe Lombard recalls his childhood, driving with his parents' while delivering eggs to their customers in the Boston area. With his nose to the window, Joe was always hoping to catch a glimpse of some horses and riders along the way, as it was very common back then for people to ride their horses from place to place.

Joe went to the auction and purchased his first horse, "Judge Advocate." They explored the fields and trails throughout the neighborhood with excitement and enthusiasm while forming a trusting partnership alongside his favorite hunting hounds.

Few people have worn as many hats as Joe Lombard in the industry. In his 95 years, Joe has lived and worked on both stables and traditional New England farms. He has taught clinics, judged horse shows and served as a show manager, coached and trained many riders throughout most of his life. Prior to founding Corinthian Insurance, Joe Lombard operated a commercial hunter/jumper training facility called Saddle Rowe Farm in Medway, Massachusetts with his wife and mother of his 6 children.

During the 1970's Joe became the master of the Tanheath Hunt Club and held that position for several years. Shortly after that, Joe started to explore the world of insurance, after learning about the opportunity to insure horses and farms. "I'll never forget it. When I looked around the room during my exams, most people were very young, fresh out of college, and I was not. But I had the strength to overlook that and I became successful on my own." And his specialized knowledge in both equine and agricultural farms would give him the leverage he needed.

In 1982, Corinthian Insurance was just a dream away. Joe set up a makeshift office at home in his breezeway, running a phone line through a window with a small sign, "Corinthian Insurance Agency". With hard work and a little help, business grew, starting mostly with taxi cabs, soon becoming the specialized equine agency Joe had imagined.

With a passion for horses in their blood, both of Joe's children followed in the parents footsteps. His daughters, Cyndy and Tina, became a horse trainers and his son, Scott, joined him at Corinthian Insurance Agency.

Today, Joe still comes to the office daily to check in, on top of his other business of appraising horses. At 95 years old, Joe is still in the game! We at Corinthian Insurance are grateful to share his wisdom, helping us provide the best of service to our equestrian and farm customers!

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